Frase del día

No podemos modelar a nuestros hijos según nuestros deseos, debemos estar con ellos y amarlos como Dios nos los ha entregado.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832) Poeta y dramaturgo alemán.


Hace varias semanas, tuvo lugar la visita del programa Comenius a Francia, por parte de varios profesores y alumnas de nuestro centro.

Compartimos a continuación las reflexiones que, tras el viaje, han extraído las alumnas que asistieron a este encuentro:


Paula Becerril (4º ESO A)

Last week in France can be summarized in a word : incredible!!!
It was a fantastic experience in which I knew wonderful people and in which I learned
to speak many languages, too.
I practised a lot of English apart from French.  It was marvellous!!
I would love to repeat an experience like this again because it is very worthwhile.


María Suárez (3º ESO A)

That week in France has been very interesting and funny. We have known many people from many countries and they were all very nice. We went to Roland Dorgèles Secondary School which was very big. I stayed in a class alone with thirty French students and I saw classes of different subjects. I stayed at a family with a girl who was 14, Léa and her sister Lana. All the family was very friendly and nice with me. I liked so much the excursions we did, especially because I knew other types of cities, different from in Spain.
The conclusion is that I practiced English and French a lot having a very good time!!